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pacemaker surgery

Many pacemaker patients will tell you not to worry about pacemaker surgery. The implant procedure has become routine and common today. In many cases, less than an hour of pacemaker surgery is required.

Many pacemaker implants can be done as an outpatient. Most patients receive a local anesthetic and remain awake during the pacemaker surgery procedure.

Some kinds of pacemaker implants may require general anesthesia and a brief hospital stay. If hospitalization is required, you will likely be home in just a few days. Ask your physician for specific details.

This section has suggestions about what a patient generally needs to do before surgery, information on where pacemakers and pacing leads are implanted in the body, what happens during the procedure, and what to expect afterwards.

This information is general. Your medical condition, age, and other factors determine the type of pacemaker and lead to be implanted. Refer to your physician to review the factors used to determine the appropriate lead and pacemaker and for specific instructions before and after pacemaker surgery.

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