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pacemaker precautions: home use of heart pacemakers

People with pacemakers can participate in most activities of daily life. The following section offers guidelines about basic home tools, equipment, and electrical appliances.

If you suspect interference with your pacemaker, simply move away from or turn off the electrical device. Your pacemaker will not be permanently affected and will resume normal operation.(pacemaker precautions)

Cellular and mobile phones. Cellular phones are unlikely to interfere with your pacemaker if proper precautions are followed:

Maintain a distance of at least 6 inches between the cellular phone and your pacemaker. For phones transmitting above 3 watts (such as some portable and mobile cellular phones), maintain a distance of at least 12 inches between the base of the antenna and the pacemaker and follow the above precautions as well.

Hold the phone to the ear opposite the side where your pacemaker is implanted. For example, if your pacemaker is implanted in your right chest area, hold your cellular phone against your left ear.

Do not carry a cellular phone in a pocket or on a belt within 6 inches (15 centimeters) of your pacemaker.

Cordless phones. Ordinary cordless telephones and standard desk and wall telephones that are commonly used in the home are safe for pacemaker patients to use.(pacemaker precautions)

Large stereo speakers. Large stereo speakers can pose some risk of interfering with your pacemaker, due to the large magnets that they often contain. Do not lift large stereo speakers close to your implant site, as this would possibly position the magnets too close to your pacemaker.(pacemaker precautions)

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