15 Ağustos 2009 Cumartesi

pacemaker precautions

Tools and equipment that use electricity and magnets have electromagnetic fields around them. These fields are usually weak and will generally not affect your pacemaker.

However, strong electromagnetic fields have the potential to alter the proper functioning of your pacing system because these fields generate EMI (electromagnetic interference). A strong electromagnetic field can "blind" the pacemaker to your heart's rhythm and keep the pacemaker from treating you. EMI can also cause your pacemaker to send pacing beats when your heart does not need them.

If you move away from the source of EMI, your Medtronic pacemaker will return to normal functioning.

There are several safeguards built into your Medtronic pacemaker to shield it from electromagnetic interference. Such safeguards include electronic filters that differentiate between natural heartbeat signals and EMI signals, as well as the metal housing that surrounds and shields the pacemaker's battery and circuitry.

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