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pacemaker precautions - medical treatments

This section provides recommendations and discussions of medical procedures of which pacemaker patients should be aware. Notify doctors and dentists about your pacemaker implant as well as where the pacemaker has been implanted in your body. If you have a rate-responsive pacemaker, remind your medical care givers that your pacemaker is designed to increase and decrease its rate as part of its normal operation.

Be cautious about certain medical procedures.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is not recommended for pacemaker patients at this time. MRI produces high levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI), and poses a substantial risk of interfering with your pacemaker. If medical conditions dictate a need for MRI, discuss your pacemaker needs with your treating physician and cardiologist.

A consultation with your treating physician and cardiologist will help to weigh the risks and benefits of the following medical treatments:

External defibrillation
Radiation therapy

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